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Tom’s Philosophy

Tom’s Philosophy: Delight, appropriateness, elegance and economy are the main qualities I seek to create in all my work.


Delight in the form of interest, surprise and humour, such that the human spirit is elevated.


Appropriateness, in that the new forms are cognizant of the old and are sympathetic to the environment.


Elegance, in that the transitions from zone to zone are fluid and that the balance and proportion of the elements are harmonious.


Economy, in that the space is used efficiently, that the sun and light enter where required, that materials are correctly used, placed and colored, such that they also contribute to the delight.


It is this constant attention to detail, from the macro to the micro, that gives designs their coherence and clarity.


Combined with these intellectual pursuits is the practical need to find craftsmen and tradespeople capable and interested in contributing their skills towards the creation of a quality product.


This takes time and constant searching.


Finally, there is the need to provide a service at the “business end” of the process:- To maintain cost control, quality control, and time control; by adapting to the needs of various clients by providing project management and planning skills.



May  1985