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Fabrizio Galimberti    

I had the good fortune to use the services of Tom more than once. First for a grand old Victorian house, Talandoon, in Hawthorn, and then for my present abode, a chalet-type wooden house in Hawthorn again which I have been renovating on and off for 6-7 years. I found Tom always ready and teeming with good ideas, unfailingly patient with my changes of heart, and especially adept at keeping the builders on the straight and narrow.


Pamela Jefferson 

A while ago we purchased a house in Malvern….eventually all we had left we 4 front rooms approx. We worked with Tom Wilson.Tom knows the subject of the Victorian homes and this was my first experience with such a house.It was a very nice experience and I was pleased with the end result.Tom guided me through all the different stages, I sat in with him and the builder.Tom guided me through the different elements: lace work, tiles, cabinetry, appliances. We were all very satisfied with the house. It went to auction…as this was a project for me and it sold at a very good price.Tom is hardworking and diligent and we can thoroughly recommend him.


Wes and Elizabeth

Tom worked on our renovation project as our architect, from the starting days when we were still getting ideas through to completion. Throughout Tom worked with us as part of our “team” to ensure that the process was handled smoothly and professionally. This was particularly important in the design phase, and tendering phase which Tom is excellent at. With all building projects there are always problems, mistakes, and misunderstandings but having Tom on our side as our “voice of reason” when things got “hot in the kitchen”, meant that we had a lot more peace of mind and confidence in getting the final result we were looking for, without starting World War III with the builders ! We would not hesitate to underline the importance of having a professional architect / manager involved in building projects, and highly recommend Tom Wilson in this capacity.


Tom Ligeti

“Tom designed a substantial extension to our period home in Canterbury.

His work exceeded our expectations. The design was totally consistent with the original features of the home. From the outside it was near impossible to tell what was original and what was new. On the inside, original period features blended seamlessly with everything you would expect in a modern home.  Tom’s attention to detail was flawless.

However, what impressed us the most was the peace of mind in having Tom deal with the builder and suppliers. He sourced materials and fittings and always negotiated a good price. Having someone like that represent us was priceless.”