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Victorian House

Ligeti Residence

Victorian and Federation Homes Melbourne

This was a most successful rear extension and upgrade.

It involved the complete removal of the rear of the house, the placement of an ensuite walk-in robe to the south and the provision of a large kitchen, pantry, meals and family room area overlooking the existing pool.

In a way we replicated the front bay window at the back.

Originally the relationship of the kitchen with the family room and laundry were distinctly anti-social.

By placing the laundry inboard and providing a corner Kitchen which related both to the new Dining Area and Family Room areas, the new layout became the quintessential rear kitchen, family room meals area extension.

The original conflict between the TV and Fireplace locations were resolved by what I term a “working wall” where all the elements work together seamlessly.

A very useful space provided in this design is what I call, the “Household Management” area.

It is simply a small desk or alcove with a pin board, desk and phone outlet. Here all the paraphernalia required to run a busy family home are gathered. Tuck shop rosters, Canteen price Lists, hockey club telephone numbers are all conveniently located where a busy mother can access them quickly.

The new Family room, Kitchen and  Dining areas now relate well to the existing pool which was covered over during the extension works.

The roof was extended in a matching slate tile such that the most important front rooms in the Victorian era are now replaced by larger, better serviced and finished “family” rooms to the rear.

This classic brick, “Bay Fronted” Victorian Residence has now been reorientated to the rear for today’s modern living.

This house won a Boroondara design Award.