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Art Deco Renovations Melbourne

Inspiring Art Deco Renovations by Tom Wilson in Melbourne!
The future of any society depends on how its heritage is managed and preserved. We, the Tom Wilson Architect Team in Melbourne respect the past, embrace the present and build the future. Maintaining this important balance between the past, present, and future is a responsibility that consistently inspires our team.
As the heritage home builders, we provide you with creative design solutions that restore the social and historical value of your heritage homes in Melbourne. From around 1918 to the World War II i.e. 1945, the architecture in Melbourne was influenced by the Art Deco style. Homes during this period were generally built on considerable parts of the land and were simpler in form, but embraced Art Deco architecture in brickwork, balcony and chimney designs.
Later, these Art Deco homes in Melbourne exhibited curved forms and nautical elements, including curved walls and porthole windows. Today, Melbourne has the best examples of Art Deco homes that demand renovation architecture, majorly to retain the traditional heritage and add on the modern features.
Tom Wilson team is the perfect companion for such Art Deco house renovations. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in Melbourne through practical project experience for over 45 years. Our aim is to help you with Art Deco renovation in a way that your heritage structure remains intact along with the other modern additions that make your home livable.
What Can Tom Wilson Architect Team Bring to Your Project?
The experienced and reliable team of Tom Wilson Architects guides you through the entire design and construction process of your Art Deco Homes in Melbourne. We provide a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings. It is designed to add value to the existing property by preserving the style of that period and adding modern conveniences. We bring value for money, imagination, and peace of mind to your heritage home renovation project while keeping it on track and on budget.
We can provide you with much more than a basic renovation process as we have the experience to visualize your project successfully till it is completed. Below mentioned are the steps that we indulge in, to provide you with a peaceful completion of your renovation project.

  • Preparation

Consulting our team of heritage house builders at its earliest will enable us to understand your requirements very clearly. This will indirectly prompt us in providing you with a realistic budget. By identifying and reducing the potential problems at the earliest stage, we will help reduce the overall design costs. We also will be able to ensure that the entire renovation project of your Art Deco home gets completed on time and within the budget.

  • Design Development

We will work along with you to develop designs that will reflect your ideas and our creativity. Our ultimate aim will be to maximize the space of your Art Deco Home and providing you with the modern style designs along with preserving the heritage essence.

  • The Approval Process

We take the responsibility of taking the necessary approvals regarding the renovation project. This further allows us to speed up the entire process.

  • Construction Phase

Here we execute our actual plans and let you have a peace of mind that your Art Deco Home is going to be renovated with the best of the ideas and design. We keep you informed about the progress at each and every stage of the renovation.
Give Your Home the Makeover it Deserves
Your home has given you a lot and it’s finally showing its age. Tom can be your perfect companion to your Art Deco home renovations, revamping it in a way by alleviating your home condition through modern designs while holding on to the heritage essence. Contact Tom on 0411 464 838 today to brief him about your requirements.