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Tom Wilson Architect – Renovating Period Homes in Hawthorn!

Exceptional architecture is the product of great design and continued support. Period homes have never lost their importance, in fact, it is just growing day-by-day!

Tom Wilson, an award-winning architect specializes in renovating these period homes along with Victorian homes by altering them into beautiful abodes.

Tom Wilson is considered to be one of the leading Heritage Home Builders in Hawthorn! His passion for the heritage architecture is clearly reflected in the renovation projects delivered by him.

The Victorian Society is keen on preserving the architecture that is built during the years from 1837 to 1914 and Hawthorn is a home to these architectural properties. Mostly, it is surrounded by Victorian and Edwardian Houses that speak about the era of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII respectively.

Tom Wilson and his team of experienced and trusted builders understand this and provide the unmatched renovation architecture in Hawthorn that preserves the architecture, but at the same time makes it liveable and contemporary.

Renovation Architecture: From Concept to Completion

With over 45 years of experience in restoring traditional homes, Tom Wilson has renovated all types of homes including heritage homes, period homes, and contemporary dwellings. He has already accumulated some prestigious and diversified renovation projects under his name, like Edwardian houses Melbourne, Victorian houses Melbourne, Federation houses and Art Deco houses Melbourne.

Tom has an added advantage of a deep understanding of architectural heritage and aesthetics that facilitates him to maintain a balance between a traditional architecture and the new contemporary style ideas.

The concept-to-completion procedure by Tom Wilson Architect Team involves three basic steps:

  • Planning

    The process starts with the Heritage House Builders Melbourne visiting your site and carrying out an evaluation to determine the space and the type of house. After getting a brief about your requirements, the concept creation is initiated. We spend a quality time in planning, researching, figuring out the materials, ideas, and designs to ensure you with a stunning renovation.


  • Design

    This process is very crucial yet exciting. Here, we explore all the opportunities that the house can be renovated with, without losing its traditional essence. We understand that renovating a house is a dream project for you; hence we take care of the minutest detail that enables you to live their dream in reality.


  • Construction

    This is the execution stage. The plan and design decided in the above two stages will actually be implemented here after getting the necessary approvals. Here we undertake all the processes including lighting, power, heating, insulation, and landscaping apart from the basic renovation needs like extensions of your heritage home.

Following these three steps lets us deliver renovation spaces that are productive, livable and above all, has all the charm of the heritage.

Maximize Your Living Space with Our Exclusive Renovation Solutions!

If you are an owner of any type of heritage homes in Hawthorn, look no further than Tom Wilson Team of Architects. The Victorian Style Home Builders will provide you with the contemporary renovation services by restoring the essence of your heritage homes! Contact us today at 0411 464 838 to discuss your project requirements!