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Renovate Your Heritage Home in Camberwell with a Contemporary Design

Tom Wilson is renowned for renovation of heritage homes in Camberwell. His expertise of creating livable solutions by restoring the traditional essence has led him to earn great acknowledgment all over the suburb.

Camberwell is one of the Melbourne’s older and prestigious suburbs where you will find many exquisite Victorian homes Melbourne and Edwardian houses Melbourne along with the lush, heritage gardens. The suburb has already experienced some impressive contemporary renovations of Period Homes. Tom Wilson, along with his team is keen on transforming more such homes into a lively and beautiful abode by sustaining the heritage look!

Tom Wilson Architect – a Trusted Name in Camberwell!

A heritage property requires a great deal of detail and local knowledge, design skills, and creativity. The residents like you want to maintain the characteristic features along with the exterior appearance of a heritage home like Art Deco houses Melbourne. But, at the same time, they even want to be benefitted from the modern, spacious interior that matches the Camberwell style of living.

Tom Wilson understands this need and works accordingly delivering results that are far beyond your expectations. He has a team of trusted heritage house builders Melbourne who have a thorough knowledge of the renovation architecture involved with these heritage homes.

Tom gives more emphasis on his approach on how they deal with the renovation project. This approach revolves around flexibility in the design process, understanding your requirements, carrying out clear communication with everyone dealing with the project and achieving the optimum result within specified time limit and budget.

For all the heritage renovation projects in Camberwell, Tom provides:

  • Concept creation
  • Detailed design
  • 3D visualization
  • Planning permit applications
  • Contract documentation
  • Tendering
  • Contract administration

Tom has a diversified portfolio of renovation architecture work ranging from small homes to major three-story staged renovations.

The older constructions may come up with unexpected surprises, but with us, you can have a peace of mind that you will not need to compromise on the quality and the project will be completed within the budget.

Your Trustworthy Heritage Home Builder

Tom Wilson Architect’s team is known for delivering clever design solutions to perfectly blend the contemporary designs with traditional heritage homes in Camberwell.

Our services of renovating the heritage homes include:

  • Complete interior and exterior renovations and restorations
  • Increasing living space, including lounges, kitchens, and bedrooms
  • Additions and alterations to the heritage homes
  • Exterior alterations including appearance and landscaping
  • Improvements to natural lighting in a heritage property

Tom has a team of Victorian Style Home Builders that ensure the work is carried out to the best possible concept, design, and execution that lets you enjoy your heritage feel along with the contemporary look! His enthusiastic, intelligent approach complemented by the productive yet creative designs let him deliver much more than your expectations.

Your Dream Home is Just a Call Away

If you own a heritage home in Camberwell and are thinking of renovating, adding living space or improving the natural lighting, contact Tom’s team directly on 0411 464 838 to discuss your project. A prompt response will provide you with all the required information.