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  • Get it right

    and you will be well rewarded for it

  • To renovate something,

    is to give it another life

  • Getting it wrong is easy,

    getting it right is hard

  • The sum of the whole is greater

    than the sum of the individual parts

  • People can see and feel

    the effort that has gone into it

Tom Wilson is an award-winning architectknown for his work in renovation architecture in Melbourne. Tom specializes in renovating period and heritage homes to give them a new life.

Based in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Tom has over 45 of years of experience in renovation architecture and restoration. He has created livable solutions by restoring traditional homes even with bare bones.

No one understands the form and material of heritage homes better than Tom Wilson. His passion for fine heritage architecture can be seen in all his renovation architecture projects. He has developed some award-winning sustainable home solutions and high esteemed renovation architecture projects in Melbourne.

A deep understanding of architectural heritage and aesthetics allows Tom to maintain a balance between existing traditional architecture and the new contemporary additions. He has some prestigious and diversified renovation architecture projects under his name, like Edwardian Houses, Victorian Houses, and Federation Houses, and Art Deco Houses.

From providing full concept design to obtaining all necessary approvals and final construction, Tom can provide complete home extension and renovation solutions for your heritage home.

If you are looking to enhance your period home to give it a new life without losing the traditional essence, Tom Wilson is your man!

Get in touch with Tom and discuss your project requirements.